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Want to do things your
So do we.

Personal Care and Domestic
Assistance – your way

We believe in giving you the space to do things the way you like. We help with daily life at home, but we don’t crowd you and take over. With Ello Care in the house, it feels like your support crew’s there. We make you feel safe and cared for, while we help you go about the business of life.

Our support workers help you with everyday tasks, so you can be more independent. We’re a highly trained, happy and helpful team who love to see you empowered and living your best life.

Some of the ways we assist you

Personal routines
Preparing meals
Help around the home
Grocery shopping
Learning household skills

Learn new skills and conquer life

How good does it feel to conquer something new? We’re passionate about giving you the chance to grow your skills and get the most from your everyday. Whether it’s cooking a new dish, pottering in the garden, washing clothes, trimming your beard or putting on make-up, we’re here to support you.

Be more confident
Feel more empowered
Have more fun

How’s it going?

We work hard to match you with support workers with the right skills and experience, but we give you final say on your support team. You need to feel comfortable when it comes to your care and support – we get that.

We check in regularly to see how everything’s going. Our support workers are experienced and meticulous and the feedback about them is often glowing, but if you’re not having the best experience, we absolutely want to know. If there’s a clash or it doesn’t feel right, don’t worry. Making a change to your support team isn’t a problem.

Relief for carers

Carer burnout can happen out of the blue or can creep up over time. Either way, there’s no need to suffer in silence. Being a carer is rewarding, but everyone needs a break from time to time. We can give you the support you need to renew and recharge, and give your loved one your best self.

In home services
Getting out and about
Housing and accommodation
Respite care

Is it hard to change
service providers?

We make it easy to try Ello Care. If you’re ready to change service providers, here’s how you do it.

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