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Feel at home with
the right support.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) helps you live life the way you

The NDIS designed SIL to help participants with high support needs to live in the community, in a group setting or alone, with more independence and more control over your life.

We empower you with the SIL services you need to feel safe, comfortable and supported. We give you in-home support – 24/7 if you need it – on your terms.

Be more independent
Make your own decisions
Help when you need it
Learn new skills
Meet new people
Feel safe and secure

Ello Care’s SIL gives you

In-home support (24/7 if you need it)
Help with personal care and health care at home
Assistance around the house
Peace of mind in an emergency

You can achieve so much more with the right support team. Let Ello Care be that team: we do SIL exceptionally well, and, we make changing SIL providers easy.

How do I get
Supported Independent Living? (SIL)

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